Ors story​

We Come together to bless the past and recreate nature heritage in our own style

About us

Ors or junipers are coniferous plants,very valuable and long – lived mountainous trees . From ancient times in the Iranian culture , Ors and Cypress symbolized immortality.

Our story

“Ors-design” is a design studio based in Iran-Kerman , tries to make our local`s old traditional handmade art, breathe again .Here we came together as a family, to compilation the copper made with modern life


Our values

Burned Bread taste and our childhood dreams, the smell of wood and old copper pot with a layer of dust , hammer melody, and our infinity respect for wood and soil and attractive metal , these all things that made our life.
We put recycle material Instead plastics that world can use it forever in more than thousand shape and application.
The ors family is dessert tree whom live because of nature , ors family respectful of nature Generosity.
In our family every body has an idea and say it easy and finally we create it with hard work, We change future with your looks.
We thought , talked , and finally received on union result for our social responsibility: We devote a certain percentage of our income for new borns who suffer from special disorder.
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